Whether you are an IT or creative professional, a student or an educator or a service technician, Apple Certifications provide a broad range and all-inclusive curriculum that addresses various technical proficiencies. Learning partners offer Apple OS X training in the official curriculum which is designed and developed by the industry experts.

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Parts of Apple's Genius training manual leaked - CNET

The courses like Apple Mavericks 101 and Mavericks 201 Bootcamp which have recently been launched by the company, facilitate users' implementation of the Apple operating system and professionals' digital applications. To get the most out of Apple Solutions, professionals' service and support offerings, and OS X Training – certifications can always be more helpful.

Apple Training and Certification

Apple Bootcamp from an Authorized learning partner is always a lucrative option to get hands-on knowledge of the skills and expertise required to attain Apple certifications in one go. Most of the curriculum includes hands-on lab experiences, lectures, and web-based training through a worldwide network of AATC – Apple Authorized Training Centers.

The organization provides training and certification to support all the requirements such as:

  • Mac OS X client deployment
  • Integration of Mac computers into a mixed computing environment
  • Apple Xsan implementation and deployment
  • Requirements for Apple's service technician programs
  • Attainment of industry-recognized certification
  • Validation of expertise in Apple's professional digital media applications

Apple certification programs have been on a rise and are continuously upgrading. These courses meet a variety of everyday needs whether you are an employer who needs to make qualified decisions or a business that wants to get a competitive edge over others and seek employees and individuals to get tangible proof of their technical expertise in the pool of their professionals and staff. Apple Certifications credentials definitely make a difference.