Face Mask is very effective if you want to prevent any disease from spreading. You can use it for various reasons. If you have a dust allergy, dusting, and cleaning the house means mixing up something that will make you gasp, cough, even explode in a beehive. You can use a disposable face mask to keep some of this powder out of your lungs when you try to use it.

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While there is no way to protect dust from your house and even your lungs, you can use a mask to prevent some of the dust from getting into your nasal passages. You can also wear them when you go out in the spring and your allergies work best for you. It may not look pretty, but you'll feel a little better on really bad pollen days.

This is no ordinary mask and it has its limits. Disposable face masks can help you paint or vape, but again, maybe not the type. If you're going to use it for something like this, make sure you're buying the right kind.

They can't protect you if you don't use those designed to protect the material you are working with. There are masks for all types of work. So take a look at the items and buy the one that fits your needs.