Getting in contact with the customer at the very moment when he or she would like to make a buy is more important than showing an advertisement banner when an individual simply assesses mails or plays games. The development of new technologies that facilitate the interaction between buyers and sellers has resulted in significant changes in offline and online shopping.

As a result of the fast-evolving augmented reality for industry, shops can establish contacts with their potential clients at any point. When a man or woman is at home in a computer, looking for a product on a mobile device, walks past a store window, or believes products directly in a shop.

Every day a man or woman is faced with an enormous amount of information, including hundreds of goods, when he needs one. On the way to purchasing exactly what we're searching for, we experience an enormous number of similar products.

Due to such similarity, it's often hard for us to explain in words exactly what we need, particularly if an image isn't attached to a product. To make it easier for clients to find the ideal product online, Augmented Reality technologies for visual searching. A unique app compares photos, by way of instance, of any shoes you enjoy online with current offers of this shop.

In this instance, you can see that the technology assesses pixels from the image and compares these data with those who are available on the online shop.

Up to now, there's already a massive number of similar programs, programs, and devices with Augmented Reality technology. In the nearest future, experts forecast a real boom of AR technology in a variety of industries.