There's nothing more fun for a child to bounce up to their highest levels on a trampoline. As parents, you can feel the joy in their eyes as soon as they start jumping around and down on a trampoline. But as an adult, you cannot avoid worrying about your child's safety since there are many incidents that happen on trampolines.

This should not discourage you from considering the possibility of buying your own trampoline to use in your backyard, but it should be a reason to consider the trampoline that is known for its safety features. You can also buy Berg in ground trampolines via

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The most secure trampolines have an enclosed safety net and do not contain springs and holes along the edges of the trampoline. 31 percent of accidents involving trampolines happen when falling through the entires or landing awkwardly due the springs and holes. 

This kind of injury could certainly be prevented in the event that your trampoline does not have springs or holes and also has an enclosure that is specifically designed to prevent injuries from occurring as well as to stop individuals from falling off the trampoline and causing injuries.

According to NHS data, more than 50% of injuries related to trampolines result from falling off of the trampoline, with more than half of all injuries resulting from this. The majority of trampolines that are spring-free include an enclosure for safety built into the design so that your kids can play freely and happily, and you too can have a smile on your face and not worry about your child's safety.