If you drive your own car, you've probably heard of driveshafts. There are several universal hinges that connect the drive shaft of your car. If one of these connections breaks in your car, an accident will occur. However, regular maintenance and, if necessary, replacement of the drive shaft can prevent these types of accidents.

In case you too are driving a tow truck or any other vehicle, and have suffered a similar situation, make sure to hook up the safety chains so you can disable the vehicle from proceeding any further. Do not ever try removing the driveshaft without first gripping it with your hands. Once you get a grip on the driveshaft, rock it back and forth to make it free. You can also visit pstds to get more detail about driveshafts.

If you cannot loosen it, pull the drive wheel on one side of the floor to release the drive shaft. This will help him move freely. Be careful, never try this unless the car is deactivated and mounted to a tow truck.

However, the driveshaft injuries keep happening very often and are therefore a great concern in the towing industry. Sometimes what can happen is if a tow truck driver finds themselves in a similar situation, then he can try using tools like a pry bar so that he can pry out the driveshaft. This results in the driveshaft popping out and can eventually spin like a propeller. Also, keep in mind that safety is always important when you are working with machinery and parts. Therefore, beware of sharp instruments, hot objects, and other hazardous materials while working with drive shafts.