One of the best and most inexpensive approaches to growing your business is with your current customer base. 

It's much easier to sell more to customers who are already buying from you. You don't have to spend a fortune on marketing because the connections are in place. You can also look for the best business growth approach through various online sources.

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All you need to do is find creative ways to sell them more than they already buy from you, or introduce them to other products or services within your reach.

Browse your existing customer profiles for an idea of the types of customers you attract and use that information to find more customers. 

Look for potentials whose needs are similar and who tend to shop in the same way. With both of the above approaches, you are bound to see significant and rapid growth in your business.

Business growth can be done by exploring new markets for your existing product or service. For example, you can produce technology that is in demand in the transportation industry.

With research, you can find that it will be just as useful for the space industry, albeit for slightly different purposes.

Developing new products or services can be the key to growing your business. They can be in addition to what you already offer or replace existing ones that are no longer competitive or out of date. 

You have to offer it to your existing customers first. That way, you can test and refine your approach before you get big.

If your business is small, growing your business through diversification isn't really for you. This is a high-risk approach. This should only be considered if you cannot meet your aims for business growth through the other methods.