The Vibram FiveFingers footwear are a style of shoes or boots that was released back in 2004 and was created to fit the feet just like a glove with a pocket for each toe, like the gloves. The shoes were initially fairly low key but they became popular in the boating and yachting communities as the character of the material and its structure meant they were well suited for that situation. Throughout 2009 when a without shoes running trend was growing, these footwear were widely embraced by people touting and trying barefoot running due to the quite minimal characteristics of the footwears structure. It was thought that the characteristics of the Vibram FiveFingers was minimalist that running with them was basically the next best thing to running without footwear since there seemed to be nothing in the design that caused problems with with the natural movements of the foot, hence the footwear were considered to replicate barefoot running. The footwear grew to become really popular.

The Vibram organization adopted the barefoot running community and heavily marketed their footwear and barefoot running being a worthwhile option to running with the more common padded running footwear. The company began generating a variety of marketing and advertising assertions with their footwear for example a reconnection of your foot with the earth and permitting your feet to experience every alteration of surface. Furthermore they believed how the footwear offered a shorter stride length along with a lighter step. Most regrettably, they echoed the claims that those who were pushing barefoot running making the assertions that if you began running in their footwear you can find less overuse injuries. This was at a time in which health care professionals were seeing a significant upsurge in overuse injuries in athletes as a result of barefoot running. There was no research at that time (and there still is not any now) that barefoot running or using the Vibram Five Fingers resulted in lowered running injuiries. This triggered a class action suit against Vibram for all those false assertions that they decided they would settle out-of-court rather than go to trial. Into later 2013 the barefoot running craze did start to drop off and the sales of Vibram Five Fingers dropped off substantially from that point.

The Vibram Five Fingers  remain readily available, primarily made use of by a smaller serious group that are immune to the laughs on how un-fashionable these shoes are and look. You will find an occasional runner still running in them. If someone does really wants to run in them, then it's the type of issue in which a lot of time is needed to slowly and gradually become accustomed to using them. The muscles in the feet will have to be strengthened and as the footwear cause you to run with a somewhat different technique, then time will probably be needed to adapt and transition to these kinds of shoes.

Having said that, runners have all but entirely lost interest in the shoes. You very rarely view a runner in a pair of Vibrams at any running event or running race. The Vibram company is reportedly organising a significant relaunch with the Vibram FiveFingers brand in the second part of 2021.