Commercial property agents must have real knowledge and expertise. Commercial property is both complex in its performance and nature. Agents will need to have experience and knowledge to provide services to clients.

To provide skilled property administration or leasing services, many key factors must be managed. Here are the most important ones:

You must ensure that you have control over the tenants in your tenancy mix to maximize their occupancy of the property. It will be easier to increase the rental rate and lower your vacancy rates if you have a successful tenant or group. The property manager must be very involved with the tenants throughout this process. Property managers can help tenants understand their problems and solve them by having regular meetings and dialogues about occupancy and property use.

The landlord's plans and the tenancy mix will influence the management of leases in the property. There are many challenges to managing leases such as rent reviews and options, making good provisions for tenants, property maintenance, refurbishments, relocations, etc. 

A commercial property's financial performance is about finding the right balance between optimizing income and controlling expenditures. 

These are the main reasons commercial property management is so unique. Landlords need skilled agents to assist them, not inexperienced generic ones. Landlords demand the best service in property management and that is only possible if the right people are doing the right things.