When designing a house, everyone has a theme set in their minds. Some want it vintage and ethnic and rusty, while some want it to be a home from the future. If you are included in the second category, you clearly need decorations that fit like that style of decoration.

The bespoke metal art is comparable to modern art in painting. They can mind-boggling or sometimes simple. The choices are plenty and equally difficult to actually choose from. Metal art starts with anything made of metal. Steel sheets from rubbish, screws, nuts, bolts, car parts, copper strips, and cable, etc. are some of the famous raw materials to create great art.


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Just like stone and marble statues, metals can also be converted into metal art sculptures by combining and welding different metals to make character sculptures. You can take a thin metal strip or cable and make a wire statue or take a large metal sheet and cut the hanging wall from it.

Metal art

Some of the artwork made out of metal that is high sellers are bugs. Metal ant with legs of the broken needle, body slotted spoons, eyes of bolts, and antennae out of wires make a fun whimsical metal sculpture. Similarly, flies can be made out of forks, wires, welded wings, springs, and spoons.

Another example after the sculpture is of garden creatures such as domesticated animals, birds, boats, etc.