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During an emergency situation, you can save lives if you know how to act. A gas leak is one of the problems you should be aware of. In the event of a gas leak inside your home, you need to leave the house asap and call the emergency number.

The Symptoms of Gas Leak – The smell of gas is the first obvious sign. However, there are symptoms of gas leak if you are exposed for longer duration. Dizziness, nausea, headaches and feeling lightheaded are some of the additional symptoms due to gas leak. In the event of a gas leak where you start suffering from these symptoms, heading outside the first thing to do.

If You, Smell Gas, do these Things –

  1. Allow the fresh air to come in by opening the doors and windows of your house.
  2. Turn the main gas tap off near the meter. At about 90degrees, turn the handle to shut off the flow of gas.
  3. Stay outdoors.
  4. Call for emergency helpline. At the time of calling, do not call from inside your property provided you are using your mobile.
  5. Listen to the emergency adviser at the time of call.
  6. Wait for the responders to arrive at your scene.
  7. Visit a hospital immediately if you start to feel unwell. Let the doctor be aware of you being exposed to gas leak.

If you Smell Gas, Don’t do these Things –

  1. Do not try to light a match or smoke.
  2. Turn off all electrical switches.

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