People are usually annoyed and irritated about the pests and insects that live in and around their homes. They fill insects and pests to become their great enemy. They try to clean their homes from pests and insects to keep the environment clean and safe.

Ants, mosquitoes, spiders, flies, bees, crickets, moths, cockroaches, mice, moles, bats, etc. is a common pest that can be found in and around our homes. So get rid of these unwanted species from your environment before the rainy season arrives with the help of eco-friendly pest management.

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Here are some ecological pest control methods:

Do not use chemicals to kill mice, moles, and rodents. Set traps in several places in your home and garden. 

When you are fed up with large populations of pests and their larvae (aphids, scales, mealworms, trash cans, mites, whitefly, etc.), ladybugs can be purchased from organic pest control stores and in your garden.

Ladybugs are natural enemies of many harmful insects. Since ladybugs are pests too, you have to kill them too. As their population increases, the tension will return to you. You can use a moderate amount of insect killer spray to kill them.

You can use an environmentally friendly pest control powder that is safe for humans and animals but can kill pests slowly. The dust can be obtained from medical supply stores and suppliers of pest control chemicals. The dust can kill pests within 48 hours after spraying. They can be spread in gardens and in areas where pest numbers are higher.