At present, the internet allows users to send faxes to emails or email to faxes without the need for fax machines. Service providers allow users to take advantage of existing email accounts to send faxes. Faxes can also be sent via the web or through a desktop application. 

Users can also receive number 1 800 or local area code numbers that allow other people to send faxes to their e-mail or the user-accessible website. This same service can allow for voice messages sent to the same email or website without the need for a telephone. There are free available services that allow users to Send / Receive Fax to Email.

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With most commercial services, the free 30-day trial allows you to experience faxes to email services before starting to pay. Subscriptions of full use are as low as $ 6.95 per month. Many services offer packages that allow users to send and receive hundreds of faxes a month for under $ 10.

Desktop faxes for email applications are integrated with Microsoft Office so users can send faxes directly from Word or Excel. Desktop version services allow editing of a cover page or digital signature.

Some accounts allow multiple fax numbers. Also, warnings can be sent to cellphones every time the fax is received. Some service providers allow printing to fax capabilities, while others allow users to send and receive faxes through their PDAs or smartphones