It's cold, winter, and it's time for gardeners everywhere to relax and see for themselves all the beautiful landscapes they will achieve in their front and back yards in just a few months when spring arrives. 

For those with a serious case of green finger, any activity including moving around the garden, digging, removing weeds, and lovingly feeding their seedlings is a great way to spend a warm afternoon. For these people, winter may not be over soon. 

Some of the best garden landscaping designs can be simple – one that enhances the natural beauty over man-made ones. While nature can often be at its most beautiful in its simplest form, landscape design resources are often inspired by intricate creations like topiary. 

The thing about having a recognizable animal or other shape in which you train greenery is that it inspires a lot of interest – and brings sophistication – to everything else in the garden. A terrace completely covered in flowers can be an inspiration. 

All you need is a simple stone terrace made up of intersecting titles. Place the tiles a few inches between them and plant small flowering plants and pink and purple flowers in the gaps. Not only will it help you make the most of the space you have, the effect will be invaluable. 

They are willing to give up a lot of space to indulge in the beauty of this one plant. Of all the garden landscapes one can have, this one is perhaps the most inspired.