Impaired driving charges may occur if the driving a motor vehicle is viewed as a hazard to the public or property. Various factors may account such as location, time, traffic in the vicinity or nature of the accident. This is a much more remarkable charge than a simple traffic violation.

The ideal outcome would be for your experienced impaired driving lawyer to reduce the cost to reckless driving costs.

When faced with impaired driving, you should discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney who is aware of your rights and options. Your attorney should be aware that traffic offenses can escalate to dangerous driving charges unnecessarily, as the charges are monitored objectively by the police officers involved and an experienced attorney can often successfully defend you against the charges.

The perilous cost of travel often brings tremendous stress and anxiety, as well as the fear of sharp increases in insurance rates or even termination of your policy. The risks to your career, relationships, and finances can be long-term or permanent, with inability to qualify for many volunteer jobs and positions. Don't disqualify yourself from future opportunities by trying to protect yourself in potentially life-changing situations.

If you are accused of dangerous driving, contact an experienced criminal attorney near you today.