LGE Energy Storage Systems store energy in a battery. LGE Energy Storage Systems are based on the battery they use. LG lithium ion batteries offer high storage capacity.

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LGABC21865 LG 18650 Type Model 3.7v 2800mah Lithium-ion Battery (Refurbished)

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AGM (Absorbent glass mat or Lead Acid) is the most affordable battery for energy storage. However, it does not have the right properties for high frequency discharges or applications that last more than 10 years. 

  • AGM batteries require periodic maintenance in order to balance their chemical components.
  • AGM batteries are limited in their effectiveness (80%).
  • Depth of Discharge is the percentage of the battery that is fully discharged over capacity.

How often a battery has been charged and discharging affects its life expectancy: AGM batteries have a relationship between the DOD of the battery and its cycle life: The longer the battery is left empty, the more cycles it will be able to perform.

Li-ion, also known as Lithium Ion, is the best standard for energy storage. It's specifically the NMC Li-ion formulation that's used for applications like EVs. Li-ion has a long life span and is energy dense.

LG Electronics was able to choose the type of battery that it would use when they began designing an energy storage system. The best option was Li-ion NMC technology. It offers high storage capacity and a compact size, along with long-term reliability and performance.