For clarification purposes, a single speed bike is one that has only one gear mounted on the rear wheel. Having this fixed gear means you have to pedal to steer the bike. Such bikes do not require shifters, chainrings (double or triple) cranksets or derailleurs. The absence of these parts makes the bike easy to maintain and clean.

So how do you choose the right single speed bike?

There are many factors to consider when choosing such a bike. Below are some of the most important things to look out for:

Which is the best gear?

Because this is a geared bike, having the right bike is a fundamental factor. For example, if the gear has a lot of resistance, you will of course have to stop at every steep point. On the other hand, if the bike has a bit of a gear, you'll have to constantly move the legs to get yourself up to speed.If you are searching for single speed bike then  refer to

What about the size of the bike?

This is another important area to be curious about when selecting a single speed bike. Most of the people regret buying the wrong size bike because either being too small or too big makes them uncomfortable while riding.


When it comes to wheels, most people think it's purely aesthetic. In fact, there is a difference in performance when it comes to wheel types.

Lastly, Mag Wheels are considered the heaviest. People like it because it gives an attractive look to the bike, but it has a drawback when it comes to weight.

Bearings: This is the part that basically drives the bike's hub, headset, and bottom bracket. You will find two types of bearings in the market, which are as follows:

In a nutshell when looking for a single speed bike:

While selecting the best single speed bike, the above factors can be of great help. Do not be in a hurry to choose any bike considering the look of it. Such a mistake comes with remorse. Now well the size of the bike, its bearing type, wheel system, and most importantly, the type of gear.

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