Imagine how it feels to book a flight and then take the flight without feeling anxiety. It would like you to let yourself travel forward and envision yourself flying effortlessly to visit distant relatives or going on that ideal vacation, or taking a crucial business journey. 

What if someone told you how to get over the dread of flying, and how to have fun on your trip without worrying about your return trip? 

One of the most effective ways to overcome your fears is to learn all there is to know about aviation. You can then link everything to your particular fears.

* For instance, if you were aware that planes could fly for 100 miles or more if the engines fail, you won't be worried about the plane being thrown out of the sky. It just cannot happen.

* Many people experience severe anxiety during turbulence. You agree that turbulence can be unpleasant and irritating, but that's all it really is. Turbulence does not pose risk to the safety of the plane. airplanes are built to bend and can take on more turbulence than any other aircraft you'll encounter.

There is a myriad of types of anxiety levels, this may have addressed all your questions, and that's fantastic however for other people you are sure you'll need more knowledge in order to fully understand how to beat anxiety that is flying as we have only barely scratched the surface of the topic and there's plenty more to know.