Just finished your stunning kitchen remodeling and it's never looked better. the first thing to happen is that your phone charger is put in, the wire lands on your counter forever, and your kitchen is reverted to the state it was like.

If you have enough power and proper communication technology the wireless energy can be securely transported through a dense fabric to connect your phone's wireless charging coil at the back of your phone. In a kitchen, you will need the wireless charger to be connected to the bottom of your counters to free your home of cords and adapters in crucial areas. You can then convert the normal countertop into wireless charging countertop which can charge your phone wirelessly!

The Daisy chain feature allows you to install several wireless charging stations in your kitchen, allowing many people to power their smartphones and offering a range of options for where you can put them.

Imagine places that:

What is the place you'd like to spend most of your time?

You'll need the biggest space

The majority of people are sitting in a circle

The plugs are beneath your counter.

If you're planning to remodel your kitchen or planning to renovate it, wireless charging is a great option for any non-metallic countertop such as marble, quartz, Cambria, concrete, and even wood.

If you're remodeling your kitchen, or creating an entirely new one, it's advisable to consult your countertop or kitchen service provider to ensure that the spaces that you want to transform into charging stations are made to the proper size and power specifications.