A precision balance scale is a very useful tool for proper weightlifting technique. By using a precision balance scale, you can accurately measure the weight of each lift and make sure that you are lifting the correct weights.

Many people are unaware of the importance of using a precision balance to accurately weigh their food. By using a precision balance scale, you can ensure that your food is accurately weighed and is not containing excessive amounts of water or air. Here are some tips on how to properly use a precision balance scale: 

1. Remove any packaging from the food that you are weighing. This will help to prevent inaccurate weight readings.

2. Place the food onto the scale and make sure that it is in contact with the pan or platform of the scale. This will ensure accurate weight readings.

3. Press "zero" on the scale to begin your weight reading. Make sure that you wait until the scale has stopped moving before taking your final weight reading.

When reading the digital display on a precision balance scale, first determine the weight of the object to be weighed. This can be done by reading the weight in either grams or pounds. Once the weight is known, enter it into the scale's digital readout. The scale will then automatically adjust the displayed reading to correspond with the correct weight.