Dentistry is one of the important parts of health care that includes the study on the analyzing, curing and treatment of the dental disorders and cavities. It includes the replacement of damaged or missed tooth, alignment of misaligned teeth and filling gaps.

Since a good smile is the dream of every person, moreover smile has a large impact on the personality of the human being, everyone strives to have a better teeth structure to live confidently.

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There are several factors that cause dental problems like smoking, extensive consumption of tobacco, coffee or tea, improper dental care and more. Due to consumption of tobacco, the teeth lose their original color and turn into black or start cracking.

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Even due to oral problems the people suffer from bad breath issues. The tooth also decays when plague accumulated on the tooth pairs with the sugar present in the food that we eat, as a result of which an acid formed in this process attacks on the tooth enamel and due to this, the tooth starts loosening.

Oral cavity is the most common issue found among the people at the huge rate such that it has become the major health issue these days. Oral cavity is also considered as the symbol of traditional diseases like cancer and diabetes and more.

A team of dentists includes the tooth technician, assistant, therapist; all have a special role in providing the dental services. Most of the dental treatments provided by them are based on curing the two major tooth problems such as tooth damage and gum problems.

The main treatments are restoration of damaged tooth by replacement with a new tooth, tooth filling, removal of cracked or dysfunctional tooth, enhanced alignment of teeth and root canal.