The Internet is becoming more important for businesses, sole traders, and SMEs to stay competitive in their industry. A mentor or good Internet marketing consultant can help businesses build a reputation online.

Internet advertising facilities have revolutionized marketing. It makes it easier to get a message across. This has the downside that everyone can easily get their message across. It's easy to lose your voice in the noise of so many voices shouting for attention.


A mentor or Internet marketing consultant can help businesses create effective strategies and navigate the web of Internet marketing. They will also ensure that marketing dollars are not wasted. 

A great marketing mentor will help business owners find the best ways to use need analysis, project planning, management, feasibility studies, niche research Web site construction, SEO, and other skills to optimize their online presence.

A consulting business is a great way to take on a job and focus on the areas you are good at while outsourcing other aspects of the job to experts.

You can work in either big business consulting or small-business internet consulting. The best part about this type of job is the freedom it offers. You can set your own hours and choose your bosses, as well as chart your own path to success. You can be more than a slave on a cube farm with discipline, diligence, and moxie.