External catheters are actually a system worn by the body to control incontinence. The primary component in the procedure is a flexible condom-like sleeve that is placed over the urine. The sleeve connects via tubing to a drainage bag that can be snagged onto the foot. 

You can easily find medical balloon development experts online. The sleeves or sheaths can be reusable or disposable as well as available in latex and non-latex material. The sheath can be self-adhesive or be designed to work with an adhesive. 

medical balloon testing

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The benefits of external catheter systems

The most important advantage of urinary sheaths is their long-lasting, safe protection. They are usually used for between 12 and 24 hours or longer than that prior to any.  The need for adjustment is why they are a great option for people who are unable to move.

Changes in pads and undergarments could be a major hassle for people with any kind of mobility issue. People who are bed- or wheelchair-bound might require help every time the need for a change arises or is required.

Those who are disabled, elderly, or any person with balance or walking issues may struggle to alter their clothing on time so that they do not risk the possibility of leakage and wetness. Sheath systems that remain in place for long durations will dramatically decrease or eliminate these issues.