If you happen to have ever underestimated or miscalculated a bid, you will surely know first hand how important it will be to get your calculations right the first time. Making mistakes can be very costly for your business, both financially and reputationally. Because competition can be very fierce and word-of-mouth advertising can sometimes make or break your business, it is in your best interest to invest in reliable construction estimating software to help you with job estimations and presentations.

Contractors will have specific requirements that they must consider. First, you'll need software that can handle large commercial and residential projects. Your customers expect top-quality proposals in today's computer software and hardware world. 

Customers will expect 3D CAD design graphics and fast-loading presentations. The most powerful laptop computer will enable you to use software to create first-class presentations, keep you on time, input psychometrics and job specific information, and get instant results for any job cost calculations.

You might be able to find companies that offer demos to allow you to see the program in action. Most software programs will work with Macs, PCs, and other operating systems.

In some cases, you might find certain cheaper products to be less efficient or reliable, so be careful of products that might offer you the cheapest prices, and which might, in some cases, be missing some vital factors such as product training and support. It will also be important that you purchase the best program for your business needs.