Gelato is often referred to as an Italian version of American ice cream, but there are a number of distinct variations that make this delicious dessert superior to the Ice cream we are used to. While it's not as rich in fat, it is also healthier.

The Italian dessert is made with less air, which makes it more creamy in texture and served at a higher temperature, which allows for the full flavor to be reflected in each bite. You can also buy gelato ice cream machine and make gelato at home.

Commercial Gelato Machines

A typical portion of American Ice cream has a range of 18-26 percent fat. However, the majority of gelato flavors have less than 10 percent. The lower percentage of butterfat contributes to the smooth texture and rich flavor that a lot of customers are able to enjoy!

For many fans of ice cream, the major ingredient in commercially produced Ice cream is the air. Indeed, some producers confess to adding air to their products because it increases the amount of air. Naturally, the quality of the product is harmed since air is a factor in the product being less creamy. 

Italian Ice Cream Italian flavor of the ice cream doesn't deliberately add air to the product, which means that the end product is more luscious tasting, smoother texture, and has a creamier flavor.

A third factor that increases the flavorful flavor of gelato is that it is served at a more affluent temperature than ice cream. Both must be stored and served under freezing. However, gelato is served in an environment that's warmer.