Recent research has shown that oil spills from leaky underground storage tanks at gas stations and in private homes pose a major threat to property, people and the environment. Therefore, it is very important to get it off the property immediately.

The most common include spills during product delivery, corrosion, damage to pipes, improper installation, and more. Here we will describe underground storage tanks replacement:

This threatens the quality of groundwater

This is one of the main hazards caused by leaking underground structures. Regardless of where the tank is located, inside or outside the house, a spill can contaminate groundwater, which in turn affects private wells and various nearby drinking water supplies. 

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Removal

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Fire and environmental hazards

A leaky underground tank not only poses a serious health threat, but can also pose serious fires and environmental hazards. This tank releases several harmful chemicals that pollute the environment and make it dangerous for humans and animals. 

Inconvenience for the owner

The leaky structure creates a lot of inconvenience for the owner. This gives off unpleasant odors and pollutes the indoor air quality.

For all of these reasons, it becomes very important to get the ball out as quickly as possible. Under the Environmental Protection Act, home owners are now also responsible for reporting spills or leaks from the tank that could threaten human health or safety.