Circuit breakers are electromechanical devices in the principle of operation, but they are used in electrical systems as a safety device to protect electrical equipment from any breakdown due to overloads or short circuits. They always act as a connector or safety switch since they always connect the source to the terminal device.

It is used in various applications in industry and is also known by various names depending on its characteristics, for example, miniature circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker, motor protection circuit breaker, etc. To know more about molded case circuit breakers browse the internet.

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Each of these performs a similar function but at different points in a circuit. Circuit breakers have an advantage over traditional fuses. It is not self-destructive, it is easy to restart manually, even automatic restart types are available. 

Cable ties are components used to join wires or cables. They operate on a rack and ratchet principle, making it an efficient locking device as well. It has an advantage over traditional types of sheet metal ties due to its great ability to provide a more effective tie on the package. In addition, these cable ties are more durable and flexible. They are also cost-effective compared to conventional metal cable ties. 

Cable ties are available in different qualities, colors, and sizes and meet specific customer requirements. Being strong and flexible by nature, they can easily attach heavy objects. These are rust-free and provide a tight seal. Its application is not limited only to electrical systems. Due to their better locking and bonding strength, these are also used in packaging and transportation.