Back pain is prevalent in about eighty percent of the population! In fact, back problems are one of the main causes of doctor and clinic visits. the back is a complex biological machine, and there are countless causes of pain from arthritis and sciatica for bulging discs and physical injury. However, there is one reason you might not think that could have a huge impact in terms of pain – your gait.

Gait is the way in which you move, especially how you walk, step or run. It also relates to the carriage of your body, or posture. Surface you walk, how you hold your body, the health of your feet and swing your arms all contribute to your gait. This little four-letter word can be the cause of your back problems, especially in the lower lumbar region. You can browse for acquiring more knowledge about pain management services.


Gait analysis is a common technique used by podiatric and orthopedic professionals to diagnose back pain when there is no underlying physical cause is detected. athletes even undergo this type of analysis to help identify ways to improve their sports performance. The goal is to find a problem in your gait, because of some modifications in how you are moving to reduce or eliminate pain.

Some things are considered as width and length of your stride and running speed. The rotation of the hips and ankles and knees and joints in your lower body pain can all be contributors. Sometimes, something as simple as fallen arches accommodate feet or your body loses a full hip extension can trigger pain.

Remember, back made up of ligaments, tendons, muscles and small joints all work together with the hips, legs and feet so it is not surprising that seemingly unrelated problems such as leg or hip can cause pain in your back.