Mixed Martial Arts does not mean that you have to throw punches and kicks, or lift weights like crazy. MMA evolved from traditional martial arts, according to fact.

Martial artists who are successful know a few concepts that help them stay on top of their game. These concepts are either intuitively understood or received in the form of instructions. But first, you need a pair of good MMA Gloves (which is also called ‘MMA Handschuhe’ in German).

Here are 3 concepts that will help to prepare you for MMA.

It is difficult to hit a moving target.

Because of the many lessons I received from my master, this concept is deeply embedded in my brain. My master used to strike his students in sparring sessions if they were not moving. Moving constantly helps you avoid the kicks and unsettles of your opponent. Imagine a Tiger following a Bison or a Deer. Which one do you think the Tiger will strike first?

Attack or get attacked

This is the lighter version of "Kill or Get Killed" that the US army uses. We are not trying to kill anyone in the tournament, but our goal is to continue attacking the opponent whenever we can. You have a small window of opportunity to enhance your attack during combat. They are gone if you miss them.

Endurance is important

A bamboo tree in a storm? Have you ever seen one? It's easy to see how the bamboo tree escapes strong winds and returns to the same place after severe blows.

The Mariner is a movie about the endurance of the hero. The villain becomes furious at his insistence on coming back repeatedly and again.