Party tents are a practical and inexpensive way to host outdoor events. They protect you from the bright sun and light rain. They also provide an excellent backdrop when the lights are on at night. You can also create a custom tent for your special event; whether large or intimate through

You can buy accessories from a local store or ask a friend to help you build your own tent. There are many party tents on the market. Logic says that anything that gives you shelter can be molded in a party tent. But, on the basis of weather protection, there are actually two different types of tents.


Pop Up and Instant Canopies:

This is the least expensive type of party tent. With an emphasis on convenience, a pop-up and instant canopy use a frame that can be set up in a few minutes' time. They are extremely light and are compact enough to be easily transported in a storage bag. They do not come in any size bigger than twenty by twenty.

Pole Tents:

A pole tent is supported by perimeter and center poles. The stakes create tension that keeps the roof stable and tight. They are extremely light weighted and easy to set up. They also come in larger sizes. They are a cost-effective option when it comes to covering large areas. It gives you more ground in less money. Another reason that makes it so popular is its versatility.