Point of Sale (POS) systems is used by hundreds of companies to streamline the purchasing process and track various financial and inventory data related to sales made. Even though the overall concept is pretty much the same for every system, different industries can purchase a POS system designed specifically for their needs. Think of this as a delivery service: bike delivery would work fine for a local newspaper, but UPS would have to stop if there wasn't a van. 

The same concept applies to point of sales inventory system in shops, restaurants, and hotels. Every industry can benefit from a system tailored to their specific needs. Commercial POS systems specialize in quick and easy one-time sales. The items stored in their database are well defined and while many colors or sizes are offered for individual items, there is not much variation on the products. 

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If someone buys a black jacket even though the jacket is blue, everyone who buys black will get the same thing. This is why point-of-sale retail systems are the simplest. For the sales process, all they have to do is extract the information about the item from the inventory and delete it when buying. Of course, this is only related to the sales aspect of the system. 

There are still complicated inventory management settings and sales performance indicators that can be used, but in terms of sales, the retail system is the simplest. It is clear that when starting a business, it is important to consider industry-specific POS. Don't just try to find the best deal, try to find what works best for your business to work effectively. Understanding why each system is unique will help you decide which POS system to buy.