When you have reached the limit for the growth of small delivery pizza shops, you may well seek to acquire several other locations or you may want to expand your shop into Preston or any pizza restaurant.

Whenever you decide to go the route of the latter, then the next thing after designing additional space and upgraded kitchen is upgraded from the point of sales software solutions. If you are residing in Preston, Victoria, and want to have pizza at your birthday party celebrations then you can also buy pizza online via https://enzopizzeria.com.au/.

In this article, we will go over software and hardware features you will want to look into for the upgrade.

The additional features are: design your floor view with tables and table-by-table guest tracking, wireless table buzzers, additional staff scheduling, and compensation.

Designing the floor plan and guest tracking

When you transition into a restaurant setting, the floor plan for the seating area and the bar area become the most important additions.

A well-designed pizza POS system for a restaurant must have a flexible floor plan design for the seating area and for the bar built-in.

A sensible, visually simple arrangement will allow for effective guest tracking. This will be the biggest difference to the POS software that is only used for a pizza delivery shop.

The point of sale system must hold the information about a party at a certain seating for the entire duration of stay, up until the close.

Even in the case of shift change, the patrons must be served uninterrupted, based alone on the documentation in the POS system.