The flow of water in fish ponds adds oxygen to the water and helps release any toxic gases that may be in the water. In fact, it makes the water more healthy and suitable for the life of the pond, including fish. 

This is particularly important for large, deep ponds and lakes with low dissolved oxygen levels and for any ponds. You can find the best pond aerators via the web.

Pond Aeration

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There are many ways by which you can achieve aeration of the pond, including the use of pumps that you will find with your other fish pond supplies. 

Pumps and filters run by hand, so the pump provides aeration along with powering the filter which helps keep your pond water clean and healthy. In addition, studies have shown that you can effectively get rid of harmful ammonia pond water with aeration.

If you have a pond that is relatively shallow (less than 6 to 8 feet deep) you can use a surface aeration system, for example, a temporary pond aerator that pumps water just below its surface.

While any type of fountain will act as a surface aerator, surface aerators are designed to pump more water than a standard fountain, spraying water into the air. Therefore they are a more specialized piece of equipment.

The best surface errors are made of oil-free stainless steel components that are environmentally friendly and will not contaminate and pollute the water.