This is a really good and important question. Many home buyers (and even agents) do not know what a home inspector does. So let me clear the smoke now.

There are 2 aspects to every home inspection:

First – a home inspection is a visual, non-intrusive, and impartial attempt to ascertain the true physical condition of the home at the time of the inspection and during the day.

Second – a home inspection isn't really about the home inspector telling you what's wrong with the home, it's an exploration session for you to make sure you understand what you're looking for. Buying so that you can decide whether it falls within your expectations and is a good fit for your situation. If you are looking for a home inspection online then you can visit the site –

If your schedule allows, you should also be encouraged to take advantage of the rare opportunity to follow a professional home inspector around your home who will invite your questions, concerns, and provide important information and advice that will help you during your stay and maintain your home for years to come.

Some key points to remember about home inspections:

1. No home is perfect. Not even a new house. There will always be something worth noting in the report.

2. There are many home inspectors out there. Some home inspectors are better than others, just like auto mechanics. When comparing home inspector firms, price should not be your primary consideration. Refer to word-of-mouth, reviews from clients, and your background. This is especially important because you are making such an investment.

3. A home inspection is an investment in the quality of your new home. Look at it as one. I have always had a goal that the items I find in the house at least cover the cost of the inspection when they are negotiated for repair. Of course, that doesn't always happen. Again, sometimes my fees are much lower than what I get.