DJ stands for disc jockey. No wedding party is complete without a disc jockey because it is he who supports the party by selecting and playing recorded music for the audience. The term disk had different meanings in ancient times. But today that means any kind of music playback regardless of the source of the music.

A disc jockey is a person who depends on music for a living. These venues can include wedding receptions, bars and nightclubs, and even stadiums. You can hire the wedding DJ company in Geelong via JLPE for your wedding parties, birthday parties, or events.

A special type of DJ is a radio DJ or radio disc jockey. A radio DJ includes playing selected music according to the playlist selected and provided by the radio station.

A radio DJ is a person who serves and plays music broadcasts on AM, FM, shortwave, internet radio, and others. The job of a radio DJ includes playing music, talking about sports,  announcing commercials, news, conducting interviews with musicians and other celebrities, and even answering calls from listeners.

A professional disc jockey must-have qualifications for a radio DJ include attending television journalism classes, good spoken and written English, and a pleasant baritone. Knowledge of music is an additional qualification.

A DJ plays various types of music. This style of music covers a wide spectrum from classic rock and light rock to heavy metal, jazz, hip-hop, and country music. A DJ at a wedding or party can also act as an MC, making important or special announcements.