If you are serious about gardening then hand protection at work is a must. While there's nothing wrong with weeding homeless weeds with your bare hands once in a while, the intense work that a good garden requires will tear your hands apart if you don't cover it. A pair of gardening gloves is just as important to the discerning gardener as a good shovel.

When shopping, make sure to buy a size of high-quality landscaping mittens for ladies that fits your hand. Try them at the store or take a pair you already have that fits you perfectly and keep it with the pair you are about to buy. Pay attention to quality and comfort. Choose a pair that goes down to your wrist and has tight cuffs with some elastic.

Gardening Gloves, Women's and Men's Garden Gloves

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To get the most out of your gardening time, you'll need several different types of gloves, each suitable for a different task. For universal protection against abrasions when handling tools, cotton flannel gloves are second to none. Choose a type with prominent points on the palm so that the hand does not slip on the handle of the tool. 

Use a pair of tight gloves with waterproof fingers and palms for transplants. They should have a cotton lining and stretch inserts on the back so your hands can breathe while you work. They're a little more expensive than the flannel type but more affordable enough to get a second pair. As they are thin to give you good dexterity, they will wear out when you work in damp soil. They are warm so you will sweat in them. All of these are good reasons to replace them regularly.