Hair is the leading cause of blocked drains. Your hair can fall out when you shower or take a bath. This is normal. However, this hair can get stuck in the drain over time and cause a blockage that is difficult to fix.

Plants can also cause a blocked drain. It happens when weeds grow outside and get into your drains. The water that you are trying to empty is blocked. You are unable to drain the water from your bath or sink because they become dense. You can easily find more for  drain unblocking in Bournemouth and drain unblocking services in Bournemouth.

It is frustrating. The only way to prevent this from happening is to keep your garden weed-free and to inspect your outside piping regularly for new plant growth.

Next, in the kitchen, you should not wash grease down the sink. You may not realize that grease can build up in your piping, which can lead to a blockage. Professional blocked drain services will be required to clear this blockage.

To reduce the chance of your drain becoming blocked in the future, always dispose of grease by using an old container or bottle.

Many people make the error of dropping their toothbrushes, earbuds, deodorant, and other items down the toilet. These items can damage the piping and cause blockages if they are not removed immediately. 

Keep all toiletries away from the toilet. Only flush down toilet paper. Never use feminine products, cotton wool, nappies, or any other foreign objects that could block the toilet.

You may not know that even a simple storm can cause drain blockages. This is quite common in wetter areas. The storm drains are unable to handle the water volume, which can cause blockages.