The best ERP accounting systems provide a clear path for implementing resource planning and management policies that can result in more efficient use of resources and improved business performance.

It should reflect the company's resource management policies and environment. However, the best cannot guarantee the necessary changes. The best ERP accounting system should ensure that the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating the resource plan is considered an integral part of implementing the required accounting principles. 

It would be nice to have a dynamic tool that acts as a guide for the company's innovation. Dialogue and training opportunities that improve decision making in the company will be best.

Choosing the best ERP accounting system will solve the problem of resource management in different ways and then provide alternative solutions for the management of the company or organization. 

Management then chooses the appropriate action in accordance with the company's goals. For the most part, the best ERP accounting systems deal with complex issues such as top-level strategy, resource allocation, plant and system design, pricing, and large database analysis.

It is a universal fact that today's businesses and organizations rely on measurement results and performance. Therefore, the measurement should come from the organization's ERP accounting system as it provides accurate and relevant data and information about important processes and results. Important data and information needed to analyze and improve efficiency include service effectiveness, operations, and finances.