Kiln Molds You Need To Make Your Pieces Perfect

Kiln molds are a type of mold that is made from a material that can be heated to high temperatures. This material is then used to create the desired shape, which can be either one-time use or reusable.

If you're looking to start creating your own pieces using kiln molds, be sure to  check out some of the available options online.

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 How to Use a Kiln Mold

If you’re like most crafters, you probably love the idea of creating intricate and beautiful pieces with your own two hands. But even if you have some experience working with clay, it can be tough to get the results you want. 

That’s where a kiln mold comes in handy – it can help your pieces look perfect every time, no matter how rough or uneven your original design may be. 

What To Make With A Kiln Mold

A kiln mold is a must-have tool for anyone serious about crafting. These molds allow you to create pieces that are perfect each and every time, no matter how intricate the design. Here are six things you can make with a kiln mold:

1. Glass Pins

2. Candleholders

3. Shot glasses

4. Ornamented tiles

5. Figurines

6. Jewelry

    Types of Kiln Molds

Here are the most common types of kiln molds:

1. Plastic Molds – These molds are made from plastic and are used for creating objects that will be painted or stained. 

2. Porcelain Molds – Made from porcelain, these molds create beautiful pieces that can be glazed or fired in the kiln. 

3. Clay Molds – Made from clay, these molds are used to create figures, animals, and other objects that will be fired in the kiln.

4. Metal Molds – These molds are made from metal and can be used to create objects that will be cast or forged.