What is an Explainer Video and How It Works

Not all new products and services are easy for customers to comprehend right away. To make their introduction to the market smoother, explainer videos come into play. If an offering is new to the market, or it works in a complicated manner, customers might need to understand it better before purchasing it.

At this point, the best explainer videos come both to the customers’ and marketers’ rescue. Within one or two minutes the potential customer learns exactly what the purpose of a product is, how it works, and whether he or she needs to buy it. If you’ve ever considered using explainer videos, then this article is for you! Together, we will cover everything you need to know about explainer videos:


What is an Explainer Video?

So, what is an explainer video? An explainer video is a short video usually used for marketing or promotional purposes. The aim of explainer videos is to give an overview of the product or service the company offers and highlight its benefits in a visually appealing and memorable way.

Explainer videos are often featured on product websites or landing pages and work wonders when it comes to communicating your brand’s message. In fact, 90% of online shoppers find videos useful for making decisions. Many companies also use them for more impact on social media platforms.