Fused Glass Art Truly Valuable As Things Are Beautiful

You’re probably familiar with “stained” stained glass, right? Well, what if you could take a multitude of colors, put them in a design of your choosing, place your colors where you want them, and produce a beautiful, flowing piece of glass art without the lead line separators? Would it be a beautiful work of art or what?

Well, that’s pretty much what fused glass art is.

You make a drawing with several pieces of colored glass, fuse the pieces by melting them in a molten glass furnace, and once the piece is finished it can look like a drawing or a painted work of art. Some of these pieces are very beautiful to behold. To know more about patterned dichroic glass, you may visit https://www.artglasssupplies.com/coe96-cbs-dichroic-pattern.

This art form is starting to catch on (no pun intended) and will likely catch on shortly. It is relatively new at this point and not “many” people have embraced it yet, but, like stained glass, it won’t be long before this material is everywhere. It is a rage in the making.

So how exactly does molten glass work? How to do it?

Well basically, as said above, you take two or more pieces of glass, usually of various colors, put them side by side in some kind of mold or casting, then put these pieces in a furnace and heat them to They melt and the pieces of glass fuse to form a single piece of glass.

Several methods can be used to achieve this effect. A finished piece of dichroic glass can be fused multiple times for specific effects. Every artist is different. 

While one artist may specialize in infused designs in one go, another would like to present designs that have been fused numerous times with numerous colors. The design is limited only by one’s imagination. Molten glass art can be used and appreciated in many ways.