All About AWS Solution Architect Certification Course

Assuming that AWS actually owns the cloud space, the enterprise certificate portfolio is surprisingly simple. AWS currently offers foundations with three partners – and two professional certifications fall into five categories:

Architecture: This certificate recognizes professionals who deploy and deploy distributed systems on the AWS platform. Applicants can start with AWS Certified Solutions Architects – Associate and progress to enterprise certification.

You can get more information about the AWS certification course( which is also known as architecting on aws certifierings kurs, in the Swedish Language) at a given online source.


Development: AWS certification course identifies those who develop and maintain AWS applications. The entry-level certification is AWS Certified Developer – Associate, followed by AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional.

Operations: To assist with design and improvement, the AWS platform needs to be managed and customized. The goal of operating certification at the cooperative level lies with the system operator (SysOps). 

Professional falls into the advanced certification category.

Cloud: AWS-based certifications focus on AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners of AWS Cloud technologies, concepts, and security. Certified Cloud Professional prepares for prerequisites or certification at the AWS Attribution Certification Assistant level.

Specialization: AWS Specialized Certificates focus on skills related to a specific technique, including networking, big data, and security.

If you are interested in starting a career in cloud computing, these are some of the most common roles that require cloud computing skills.