Ceramic Tiles- Classified According To Product Properties

When the product characteristics classify them, they are divided into two categories as follows:

• Glazed tiles

Thanks to the glossy ceramic tiles, the surface has a subtle contrast, which makes it possible to achieve a good lighting effect. Putting in Digital wall tile is an efficient approach to change the feel and appear of your house.

Therefore, using this type of brick will help make the room very luxurious and classy. Tiles have a smooth and smooth surface, making them difficult to stain and clean.

Due to the smooth surface of the tiles, it is very dangerous. Therefore, this will limit the scope. Don't use bricks in the bathroom or kitchen.

Tiles scratch and break easily when you touch the enamel. The bricks keep warm, which makes it very cold in winter.

• See-through ceramic tiles

The tile does not have an enamel finish on the surface, limiting the risk of slipping. Often times, these types of translucent ceramic tiles come in many stunning subtle and evening patterns and patterns for your many living space options.

They are designed for color fastness, slip resistance, fewer scratches and higher pressure than emailed ones. They get dirty easily and need to be cleaned regularly.

Ceramic tile quote

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