Emmentaler Cheese: Swiss Cheese to Satisfy Your Gourmet Cheese Craving

Of all the cheeses in the world, Swiss-made cheese is considered the tastiest and most delicious. Emmental is probably the tastiest cheese you can have. Its large pits and smooth creamy taste have made Emmental the world's all-time favorite cheese. 

And because of its creamy taste, it is perfect for a variety of dishes. You can also look for the delicious mild to wild cheese board from FineDiner.

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Medium-hard cow's milk cheese

This medium-hard cheese is made from cow's milk. Milk cheese is believed to come from pasture-fed cows and is usually high in fat and fruit. It has a nutty flavor that you're sure to like, but it's not too strong or too strong to feel a bit of walnut in it. It's tough compared to most cheeses, but universal and can be sliced, grated, or purchased for a variety of foods.

Why does Emmental have holes?

When this cheese hardens, the bacteria it contains produces large amounts of carbon dioxide. The thick crust on the outside traps the gas inside, causing it to form a large, protruding hole that you can see as you cut. 

On average, cheese ripens for at least four months and can be stored for up to six months. If cheese is to be labeled as Swiss Emmental, it is usually checked for compliance with its intended use.

Eat Emmental with your favorite food

It's amazing how you can use this cheese in so many of your favorite foods, making it a popular choice in every household. Best used on grilled sandwiches and baked goods with cheese. 

It can also be sliced and eaten simply and is a popular addition to cheese boards. The high-quality Emmental is sure to enhance any dish you cook.