Choosing a Childcare for Your Child

It's a major decision to choose a daycare for your child. In comparison to a large, institutional childcare center, a modest in-home daycare has numerous advantages. The small size of a typical home daycare contributes to many of these benefits. Casual childcare centers can provide a more stimulating experience for your children. 

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Once you have 3-6 options, it's time to narrow them down. Call them and talk to them on the phone. Ask them a few questions. Some great things to know over the phone are:

  • Do their working hours suit yours?

  • Do they have holes or do they expect holes when you need maintenance?

  • How many people work at your location?

  • How many children will there be around your child?

A good kindergarten should have values similar to yours. If you believe in sleep training, you'll want a nursery that does it too. If you think that every baby's cry must be answered, then a nursery with a stroller is a nightmare for you. 

Be sure to ask how they handle young children and child discipline. Remember that in one year your baby will be a small child and you don't want to start the search all over again.

Ask if they have any complaints, orders, or other issues you should be aware of and if their fingerprints are up to date. If you go with someone who doesn't need a license, ask for permission to fingerprint. Make sure all your child care providers are certified in CPR and first aid for adults and children.