Hire Professional HVAC Technicians To Repair the Heat Pump

Like central air conditioning, your heat pump system relies on the movement of air through internal and external coils to create comfort in your home. Keeping the system clean, inspected, and maintained can protect you from sometimes expensive and tedious heating pump maintenance services.

But if your heat pump seems to create noise, cooling issues, or any such problems, look for the best heat pump repair services. A faulty heat pump can be the result of countless problems.

Heat pump freezes – In winter, a heat pump may freeze due to a defrost cycle not working, external fans not working, the low refrigerant charge being physically blocked, or water dripping onto the unit and freezing. Freeze heat pumps don't heat up and, worse, can cause serious damage if turned on. In summer, the inner coil or copper pipe leading to the compressor can freeze due to low refrigerant, clogged air filter, or very dirty coils.

Blowing cold in heating mode – Check if the thermostat has not been switched to AC/cooling mode. If not, the problem could be a low refrigerant fill or a problem with the check valve or compressor. This could be the result of poor maintenance and dirty/clogged coils.

If you experience any of the above problems, it is recommended that you contact a professional HVAC heat pump repair technician.