Stem Cells Offer Youthful Benefits in Facial Plastic Surgery

Stem cells are a hot topic for scientists and medical researchers and offer hope for new ways to treat health problems. As the body's master cells, these cells have the ability to repair damaged tissue and renew themselves. This ability and its presence in nearly all adult tissues have shown great benefits in plastic surgery. Some plastic surgeons are using stem cells in the face where patients are seeking a more youthful appearance.

Fat is one of the greatest reservoirs of adult stem cells in a person's body. A stem cell facelift is a fat cell transfer to the face and offers the aesthetic benefits of turning back the clock on aging. While the basic science of fat transfers is still unclear, mother cells (clulas madre in Spanish) combined with tissue growth factors and molecular signals that are carried with the fat transfer, work together to restore a more youthful appearance.

Using master cells in a facelift is appealing not just for its anti-aging benefits, but in some cases, it is less invasive than many traditional procedures. Fat cells are taken from areas of the body, such as the abdomen, and transferred to the face where they develop a blood supply and chance to renew – thereby aiding the youthful appearance. Recovery time may be shorter at times than a traditional face lift.

Facial rejuvenation procedures, like a stem cell transplant, require a plastic surgeon to have an artistic approach and great attention to detail in order to identify changes in the topography of the face. It is important to consult with a trusted plastic surgeon to determine a comprehensive and individualized plan for facial rejuvenation that is best for you.