Requirements For Choosing Drupal Developers

Drupal is usually running on Apache linux servers and is open source. Codebase is always PHP and Database is MYSQL. The frontend code (as with other sites) will be in HTML (5), CSS (3) and Javascript.

It is important that Drupal developers has knowledge of

  • HTML (5)
  • CSS (3)
  • Jquery (easy to work with Javascript framework built into Drupal)
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Custom Drupal Development

It is also important that any Drupal developers have knowledge of other important factors: –

  1. Helper functions; 'Helpers' is a library, or toolbox, with lots of very useful functions to help build modules and sites more easily, faster and smarter. Because it is six modules in a single package; you only need to enable the parts that are needed.
  2. Knowledge of Ajax
  3. Knowledge of Drupal contributed modules
  4. Understanding of Drupal performance architecture (or your site will be slow)
  5. Understanding of security protocols

1) Drupal Helper Functions: Drupal comes with a series of helper functions and "hooks" which serve two main purposes.

i) They ensure new modules can be built without conflicts. It is possible to use Drupal as a base and ignore the inbuilt functions, using custom PHP alone, but what inevitably results is a 'car crash'.

ii) They dramatically speed up coding by avoiding re-inventing the wheel, and they ensure best practise, handling data securely.