How to Maintain Your Cigar in Top Condition?

For those who use cigars to smoke, the habit may be a source of obsession. In time, smokers usually develop routines they follow each time they smoke cigarettes and may be extremely meticulous about the way they keep their cigars. You can also visit the Tampa cigar manufactory to get quality cigars.

If you're not part of this obsession with smoking the "perfect" cigar, then you probably aren't aware of the need for the cigar humidor.

The primary function of a cigar is to keep and safeguard cigars. Many people who love cigars believe that their cigars must be stored at a certain temperature to ensure their flavor to the highest level. 

This is exactly what the cigars do and keeps a constant temperature. There are many opinions, but it is generally accepted that the temperature range between 70-68 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for smoking cigars. Also, the humidity needs to be managed and maintained at around 70-72 percent humidity.

Smokers have long debated the right temperature to store cigars. Some say that even a small temperature change could prove negative to the flavor of their cigarettes, and insist on 70 degrees F. 

Some are more flexible and permit some variation. They all agree that the lower temperature, the faster the cigar's lifespan will decrease and cause the flavor to diminish.