Cold extrusion presses, as well as cold forging presses provided by us, can withstand presses that press up to 20.000 KN. To effectively absorb and disperse these forces, the machines, as well as their foundation, should be constructed to be able to handle the load. You can know more about cold forging presses via

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Our machines will be equipped with dynamic and static mass balancers. This will minimize the impact of vibrations and vibration resonances to a level that is harmless. Two-piece cast-iron bases are also utilized. 

These methods increase the lifespan of the tool and machine. The output increases and the number of rejections are reduced.

We will be with you during the setup and setup of the cold extrusion machine starting from the first discussion about the design until the first test run within your manufacturing. 

This means we can assist you in the choice of the equipment and machine from the initial selection to more detailed inquiries, such as about the installation location and foundations required. 

Apart from the basic press, we provide the complete service of extensions and other options. With the proper equipment, you will be able to realize every potential benefit of your cold extrusion machine. 

We can also provide you with our top-quality after-sales support. The best way to make sure that the Cold Solid Forging or cold forging equipment is always operational is to create an agreement for maintenance with us.