This is not the case with the Chinese. Even if you only need to memorize a dictionary, this translation will not be that easy, because there are no significant similarities between English and Chinese dictionaries. You can also take help from a professional Chinese translation company from various online sources.

You can translate thousands of words at once between English and Spanish and find out how words ending in suffixes and certain letter sequences are related in the two languages. You are not that lucky, unfortunately, there is no dictionary-based abbreviation between English and Chinese.

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But even after learning basic Chinese vocabulary, there are still many complexities and intricacies to deal with. You must learn how the tone and pitch of the spoken word can radically change its meaning. It's not just about vocabulary and grammar – the way you speak will need to be readjusted if you want to be fluent and fluent in Mandarin.

Learning Chinese is not impossible, but it is very difficult and not something you can do overnight. If instead, you correspond with people who speak that language, it is best to hire a highly qualified and trained Chinese translator to take care of your translation needs for you. Hiring an interpreter for these needs is usually the best thing you can do, regardless of the language you want to work in, but this is especially true when it's as difficult and foreign as Chinese.